Welcome to Euclid Endoscopy Center (EEC)

About Us

The Euclid Endoscopy Center (EEC) was opened in 2006. It is a licensed ambulatory endoscopy center owned and managed by physicians.

Our focus is to perform these necessary procedures in a safe, efficient and dignified environment.

Why choose EEC?

We specialize in endoscopies and colonoscopies. Our facility was designed for the endoscopy patient, meaning comfort and privacy for you and your family. Our focus is on low-risk patients.

You can be sure that your procedure will be done in a dignified and efficient environment by specially-trained physicians and nurses. Your physician can provide safe, efficient care, focusing on the scheduled patients without the need to break for unscheduled emergency patients.

We are accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). We are proud of this accreditation and the high performance standards it represents.

  • All of our physicians are AMA Board certified and their credentials are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Our nursing staff is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified and must complete annual training.
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

What can I Expect?

When you schedule your procedure, one of our friendly office staff will review some questions that will help us plan your visit. You will be given complete instructions and required paperwork for you to complete and bring with you to your appointment. You will be informed prior to your appointment if you have any co-pays or deductibles due the day of your procedure. For your safety, you must have a responsible adult escort you to your appointment and accompany you home from our office as you will have received sedation for your procedure.
You must take either a private car or a taxi home accompanied by a responsible adult (not the taxi driver). If you have access to medical transport, you may utilize those services, but you must have a responsible adult be with you for at least 12 hours after discharge. Your procedure will be cancelled if you do not have proper transportation home or no one to stay with you for the first 12 hours after discharge. We do not provide transportation of any kind.
Both a colonoscopy and a flexible sigmoidoscopy require the bowel be cleansed prior to the procedure. You will be given specific instructions regarding this preparation. It is important that you adhere to the instructions in order for your procedure to be performed successfully. Inadequate prep can result in your procedure being cancelled and having to reschedule your appointment and re-doing the prep.
Every attempt will be made to contact you the week prior to your appointment to confirm your appointment date and time, verify your personal information and answer any questions you may have regarding your prep, appointment, etc.
When you check-in on the day of your procedure, please be prepared to pay your co-pay/deductible, if it applies. You will be asked to verify your personal information to be assured that everything is correct. Please bring your completed paperwork from Digestive Disease Associates, including a current list of medications.
After you have been admitted by the front desk, you will be brought back to the pre-op area by one of the clinical staff after changing for your procedure. A brief assessment will be done, vital signs taken, an IV placed for sedation and any questions you may have will be answered. In the procedure room, you will be evaluated, once again, and sedation will be titrated to assure your comfort. The procedures take, on average, 5 – 15 minutes to complete.

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